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" And it seem'd to a fanciful view To weep for the buds it had left, with regret, On the flourishing bush where it grew. I hastily seized it, unfit as it was For a nosegay, so dripping and drown'd, And swinging it rudely, too rudely, alas! I snapp'd it,... "
Essays on Song-writing: With a Collection of Such English Songs as are Most ... - Pagina 281
door John Aikin - 1810 - 352 pagina’s
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The Library of Poetry and Song, Volume 2

William Cullen Bryant - 1925 - 1100 pagina’s
...swinging it rudely, too rudely, alas ! I snapped it, it fell to the ground. And such, I exclaimed, is the pitiless part Some act by the delicate mind,...of wringing and breaking a heart Already to sorrow resigned. This elegant rose, had I shaken it less, Might have bloomed with its owner awhile ; And the...
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