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" Cynthia, turn, he said: The hunted hind lies close in yonder brake. Loud Cupid laugh'd, to see the god's mistake ; And laughing, cried, Learn better, great divine, To know thy kindred, and to honour mine. Rightly advis'd, far hence thy sister seek, Or... "
The poetical works of Vincent Bourne, consisting of originals and ... - Pagina 124
door Vincent Bourne - 1808
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Poems on Several Occasions

Matthew Prior - 1709 - 328 pagina’s
...Tresses ty'd, Her Iv'ry Quiver graceful by her Side, A-Hunting CLOE went : She lost her Way, And thro' the Woods uncertain chanc'd to stray. APOLLO passing...Dear, bright CYNTHIA turn, He said : The hunted Hind lyes close in yonder Brake. Loud CUPID laugh'd, to see the God's Mistake ; And laughing cry'd, Learn...
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