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" The next morning, without saying a word to any one, off I set, with no clothes except those upon my back, and with thirteen halfpence in my pocket. I found that I must go to Richmond, and I accordingly went on, from place to place, inquiring my way thither. "
Chambers's repository of instructive and amusing tracts - Pagina 16
door Chambers W. and R., ltd - 1852
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The Open Door: When Writers First Learned to Read

Steven Gilbar - 1989 - 125 pagina’s
...go to Richmond, and I, accordingly, went on, from place to place, inquiring my way thither. A long day (it was in June) brought me to Richmond in the...pennyworth of bread and cheese and a pennyworth of small beer, which I had on the road, and one halfpenny that I had lost somehow or other, left three...
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