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" Sallust on the gods and the world, and the Pythagoric sentences of Demophilus, translated from the Greek, and five hymns by Proclus, in the original Greek, with a poetical version. To which are added five hymns by the translator (Th. "
Allgemeines bibliographisches Lexikon: M - Z. 2 - Pagina 635
door Friedrich Adolf Ebert - 1830 - 10 pagina’s
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Catalogue, Nummers 397-401

1920 - 1024 pagina’s
...gilt back, uncut, teg London, 1888. 8s 6d 1524 TAYLOR (Thomas, ///,• Platonisf}. Sallust on the Cods and the World: and the Pythagoric Sentences of Demophilus,...translated from the Greek; and Five Hymns by Proclus, to which are added Five Hymns by the Translator. 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1793. £1 8s 1525 TAYLOR...
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The Book Buyer: A Monthly Review of American and Foreign Literature, Volumes 5-6

1871 - 650 pagina’s
...ART OF MEDICINE. One vol. Svo [1SB1], with numerous line portraits inserted, half morocco extra IS 00 SALLUST ON THE GODS AND THE WORLD. AND THE PYTHAGORIC SENTENCES OF DEMOPHILUS. Truncated by THOMAS TAYLOB. One vol. small Svo [1703], half calf, very scarce 8 |5 SANDBY'S LATIN CLASSICS....
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The Agricultural Labourer on the Established Church

1884 - 484 pagina’s
...morocco inlaid with blue morocco on the sides, and richly, decorated ivith gold, £5. Dublin, 1772 18889 on the Gods and the World, and the Pythagoric Sentences of Demophilus, and five Hymns by Proclns, translated by Th. Taylor, 8vo. calf, 7* Gd " " 1793 18890 • la Conjuración...
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