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" New Zealand; its physical geography, geology and natural history with special reference to the results of government expeditions in the provinces of Auckland and Nelson. "
Catalogue of the Books, Manuscripts, Maps and Drawings in the British Museum ... - Pagina 851
door British Museum (Natural History). Library - 1904 - 3883 pagina’s
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Reference Catalogue of Current Literature, Volume 2

1884 - 1112 pagina’s
...Goethe's Poems. Translated in the Original Metres by PAUL DYBSEN. 8vo, cloth, lOt. Hochstetter (F.) New Zealand: Its Physical Geography, Geology, and...Expeditions in the Provinces of Auckland and Nelson. Tmnslated from the German Original by E. SAUTEE. With Woodcuts, Chromo-lithographs, and Maps. Koyal...
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Journal of the Royal Society of New Zealand - maart 1993

Tijdschrift - Vol. 23,Nr. 1 - 52 pagina’s
...management. NZ Marine Department Fisheries Bulletin 9. Hochstetter, F. Von, 1867. New Zealand. Its Geography. Geology and Natural History with Special Reference to the results of a Government Expedition in the Province of Auckland and Nelson. JG Cotta, Stuttgart. House of Representatives...

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