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" Whosoever, through his private judgment, willingly and purposely, doth openly break the Traditions and Ceremonies of the Church, which be not repugnant to the Word of God, and be ordained and approved by common authority, ought to be rebuked openly... "
The Canons of the Holy Apostles: The Greek Text as Orginally Printed in 1540 ... - Pagina 16
1675 - 40 pagina’s
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Christian Inculturation in India

Paul M. Collins - 2007 - 268 pagina’s
...to the diversity of countries, times, and men*s manners, so that nothing be ordained against God's Word. Whosoever, through his private judgment, willingly...common authority, ought to be rebuked openly, (that others may fear to do the like,) as he that ofFendeth against the common order of the Church, and hurteth...
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